ITJA 2016 Presentations

Africa Mining Vision– Claude Kabemba

Africa Rising- Dereje Alemayehu

Africa Mineral Governance Framework– Carol Kiangura

My Money, My Rights- Tax and Human Rights– Aldo Caliari

Transfer Pricing– Tomas Balco

Treaties and investment agreements– Lovisa Moller and Jared Maranga

Role and status of tax in the context of regional integration– Dr. Anatole Nahayo

IFFs and global tax governance

Gender and taxation– Catherine Mutava

Domestic tax policy– Dr. Bernadette Wanjala

Country Mining Visions– Dr. Ishmael Ackah

At the table or on the menu?– Dereje Alemayehu

Domestic Resource Mobilisation and SDGs: retaining licit (and illicit) financial flows– Prof. Patrick Bond